Trickstergate School of Shapeshifting


Trickstergate School of Shapeshifting is a free learning group which runs about monthly depending on the schedule of participants. We meet in my home at Wellington Point, so generally I prefer to have met people in person prior to them attending any sessions.

Each session concentrates on a theme and a myth which we explore together, discussing the themes and symbology, as well as the way myths tie into the greater Mythlines of humankind. Each concept is explored through journey work (like a guided meditation, to experience Otherworld) led by me when it is appropriate.

Topics or themes covered in the course include Sovereignty, Sacrifice and the Fool.

The course is called Trickstergate Shapeshifting, because through the work, we learn about aspects of ourselves which we can shift into, and we explore our form in Otherworld. We learn the different areas of Otherworld, and we bring back things to explore in Thisworld. The Tricksters are teachers, who guide us to know ourselves better through exploring the many aspects we hold within us.

It is also a generally good place for discussion and questions for people exploring the path. All questions are welcome and if participants have a specific topic of interest, I am very keen to help explore that and further knowledge. We will explore applying our different interests and callings to our personal paths. Topics might include magic sigil work, devotional polytheism practises, offerings, light embodying work (drawing aspects of the divine into this world) creativity as pagan practice, ritual planning and development, magical workings, elemental knowledge or anything else that might speak to people.

We have people ranging from absolute beginners, through to more experienced but wanting to learn different things.

I am a teacher for a living, in a Montessori environment, and I strongly believe that the path should be chosen by the student. I am ready to follow where your interests and needs take you, as well as offering opportunities for learning in ways you might not be familiar with.