Temple Principles

  1. We acknowledge that we are working as a Temple on unceded Country of the indigenous people of this land. We offer our respect to the elders, past, present and emerging.
  2. We operate this Temple within an anti-racist and anti-bias framework.
  3. Inclusivity and diversity. We welcome people of all genders, sexual orientations, races, ages, abilities and backgrounds and recognise that our strength lies in our diversity of members.
  4. Nature is sacred. We recognise that we are only one part of a larger ecosystem, and honour the sacredness of the world we live in.
  5. Individual responsibility. We are all accountable for our own actions and expected to take personal responsibility for them. We do not blame the universe or external parties for the choices and actions that we take.
  6. Respect. We welcome and accept diverse views and experiences and treat them with respect regardless of whether they agree with or differ from our own, as long as they demonstrate respect and abide by our standpoint of anti-racism and anti-bias.
  7. Critical thinking. We endeavour to always be critical in reflection of our beliefs and attitudes, to challenge misinformation and to promote lifelong self-reflection of our beliefs, opinions and practices.
  8. As a Temple, we commit to do no harm. We support a non-violent, peaceful approach to magical practices and this is how we interact within Temple spaces, while acknowledging that this may not be the practice of all people within our community.
  9. Additionally, as a Temple, we are always striving to do better and learn more. As we evolve, our Principles will evolve with us. We are engaging in active learning and commit to constant improvement through our journey.