Join the Temple

We often run into people who are solitary practitioners or newcomers to Paganism, looking to learn more about the local community and find events they can attend. Modern paganism isn’t a mainstream religion and it can be difficult to keep track of what’s happening in the community if you aren’t already ‘in the know.’

One of our major goals at the Temple is to connect the community and break down this barrier, by providing an easily accessible place to track events and stay informed on local initiatives. To support this goal, we’ve now started an email newsletter – “Crossroads.”

Each month we’ll provide details of Temple events and other public community events, profile some local Pagan business people and the products/services they offer, as well as sharing original content that we believe might be of interest. The intent is not to spam anyone, so this will be a monthly update.

We all walk our own paths, and our community is built of independent solitary pagans and small groups all practicing their own style and traditions. Let’s meet at the Crossroads of our individual paths and share the support of our community.