If Pagans are nature-worshippers, why are you creating an indoor Temple?

While we can reach our gods anywhere (both indoors and outdoors), the Temple is both a place of worship/reflection and a place of community. It is as much for our fellow followers of the gods as it is to honour our deities. We offer a space for pagans of all paths to connect to their gods in a supported way, and an opportunity to interact with their community. And we also hold a number of outdoor activities!

Are you the same as the Goddess Temples?

Not exactly. There are a number of Goddess Temples around the world now and they are sacred spaces dedicated to the divine feminine. The Goddess Temple Project is about bringing Goddess consciousness back to the world.

The Temple of All Gods is about bringing the old gods back to the world and providing a sacred space for their followers to interact with them. We honour both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, along with any other gender that our gods appear to us in.

What gods do you honour?

We honour all gods, but tailor our public activities to open practices only.

We believe that each person will form their own unique relationship with the universe and divinity, and seek to provide an encompassing space for them to do so. At most Temple events, we provide altars centred around common deity types. For example, our Sun God altar would hold space for Apollo, Helios, Lugh, etc.

We also invite people to bring their own deity representations to the altar for their visit if they follow a divinity we don’t have already present in the space.

Does the Temple follow a particular path or tradition of Paganism?

No – we support all Pagan paths and practices. We ourselves come from an eclectic background mixing a number of traditions. Temple activities are aimed at being as inclusive and all-encompassing as possible, to build stronger connections across many traditions.

What is a Pop-Up Temple?

This is a temporary Temple that we set up at festivals or events, creating a sacred space for the day or weekend, etc. Afterwards, we cleanse the space and take the Temple down. This lets us carry the Temple energy to many locations, and be present in our community.