About Us

Dan Mercurial 

Dan Mercurial is a shapeshifting, nonbinary Trickster devotee with twenty years experience in Paganism and a dozen in OtherWorldly work. They are focused on teaching and art.

Dan is a shapeshifter through creativity and journeying, adopting different faces and roles as a means of exploring the OtherWorld. As a devotee of Raven (in many forms) and a Priest of Apollo, Dan is interested in language, devotion, worship and creation. Dan is a founding member of the Temple of All Gods, alongside their sister, forging connections for people who worship the Old Gods. Dan is a Special Needs teacher in their everyday life, as well as a parent, spouse, artist and writer.

For more info, check out Dan’s blog, Trickstergate and their Deviantart page.



Victoria Lyon 

Victoria is an awenydd focused on the cycle of death and rebirth, expressed through exploration of underworld mythology. She is also a Priestess of Aphrodite, having worked extensively with this goddess for the past twenty years. Her work focuses on the beginnings and endings of things, the cycles that shape the world.

Although she deals mostly with Hellenic deities, Victoria also works across Norse, Celtic and Sumerian pantheons and has a  close relationship with the Fox trickster spirit.

Her everyday life involves a corporate suit and a passion for study, mythography and storytelling.

For more info, check out Victoria’s blog, Mythic.Threads

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