Welcome to the Temple of All Gods.

The Temple is dedicated to supporting followers of all Pagan paths. We recognise and honour all divinities, regardless of gender or pantheon. We welcome everyone who has a relationship with the gods and Otherworld. Followers of all forms of paganism, shamanism, Druidry, witchcraft and similar paths are encouraged to participate in Temple events.

The immediate goal of the Temple is to build a community of local pagans and celebrate the diversity of our many paths.

We host pop-up Temples at festivals and events, providing a temporary sacred space for those who follow the old gods. Our long term goal remains the creation of a permanent Temple and Pagan community center in Southeast Queensland.

We also host regular Temple Gatherings and community events, as well as experiential workshops. Go check out our Events page for more info!

For more information on the Temple, check out our FAQ

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